Founded in 1989 by Mr. Gonzalo Bofill de Caso (1930-2007) and part of Carozzi group, Hacienda Chorombo is an agribusiness with 5000 hectares of land. It is strategically Located at 90km from Santiago and 60 km of the two main Chilean ports: Valparaiso and San Antonio.
Hacienda Chorombo´s main businesses are fresh fruit, cultivars and livestock.

Chorombo businesses are ruled by high standards and professionalism of its workforce and a committed respect for environment reaching a balance in the productive chain.
Hacienda Chorombo as a brand has built a recognized name in markets where it´s products are commercialized.





Hacienda Chorombo has three main business areas:


Fruit trees:
Oriented to exports including Walnuts, Olives and lemon trees.
Dedicated mainly to seed productions and grains

Continuous improvement on bovine and horse breed population as well as developing honey business.

This area is responsible of selection, packing, and export processes for walnuts and in the near future, lemons.
It has also a state-of-the-art olive oil production plant in which only our own olives are processed and transformed in the best extra virgin olive oil