To be friendly to environment, socially equanimous and economically viable

Our compromise is based on having a high-quality product and the best on time service oriented to a total quality concept for our clients building with this a solid and long-lasting partnership
We are constantly seeking for new efficient and self-sustainable technologies to add to our different processes guaranteeing the security of our collaborators and total respect for the environment

We want all our collaborators as part of this company to be proud of the farm procedures and activities they have in Hacienda Chorombo mainly due the added value to society. Our role is to seek for a fully motivated member as all Chorombo staff is responsible for it´s behavior.

During the implementation of our Strategy we have strongly learned from our collaborators, that´s why our culture is built over solid principles such as respect, honest behavior, rational and efficient use of resources and overall passion for a well done job.